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About Shawn

As a child growing up in Jamaica, New York, Shawn D. Perry was taught that individual service and sacrifice are the necessary bedrock upon which a community can flourish.  Service.  Sacrifice.  Community.  These fundamental principles have informed Shawn throughout his life, and his record can only begin to tell that story...    


At the age of 20, Shawn chose to serve his country and joined the United States Army.  His first assignment was as a telecommunications operator at Fort Richardson, Alaska, setting the tone for a military career that would run far and wide.  During his time in the Army, Mr. Perry was recognized time and again for his performance, diligence, and meritorious service.  He was named company soldier of the year and received numerous accolades, including being awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, and Army Good Conduct Medal.  In 1993, Shawn ended his military service with an honorable discharge at Fort Detrick in the great state of Maryland.


Shawn’s continued desire to serve his community led him to join the Frederick Police Department.  Over his approximately two decades  of police service, Shawn held numerous positions, including Narcotics Officer, Community Relations Officer, Assistant Patrol Supervisor, Community Service Supervisor, Human Resources Commander, and Commander of Information and Technical Services.  Shawn continued to learn at every stop along the way and became determined to promote continued progress within the police force by example, leadership, and ultimately by being in position to make decisions of consequence.  In 1999, Mr. Perry became the first minority to achieve the rank of Corporal in the department’s 150-year history.  He would go on to become the first minority Sergeant and then the first minority Lieutenant  (Division Commander).  While Shawn remains humbled by recognition of these historical achievements and defers to leaders that have paved the way before him, he hopes his record can stand as an example to the next generation.


Since retiring from the police force in 2013, Shawn has worked as a clearance background investigator, personal trainer, substitute teacher, and as a behavioral specialist where he worked with developmentally challenged individuals and youths dealing with a variety of mental health issues.  Mr. Perry then took on the challenge of becoming an Elder Abuse Victim Advocate at a local non-profit organization when he felt the need to serve after seeing the need grow during the pandemic.  


Shawn has come to realize that his unavoidable calling his entire adult life was to speak up for and act on behalf of those who were unable to do so for themselves.  He has a passion to fight for those who feel marginalized and educate those that are willing to learn from his experiences.  Mr. Perry is the proud father of three children.  His eldest daughter is a teacher.  His youngest daughter works in the real estate industry, and his son is a freshman in college.  He hopes his continued commitment to service, sacrifice, and community can help to lead the way for his family and residents of District 2.


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