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Proven & Principled

Who & Why

Who is Shawn and why is he running for office?


● United States Army veteran

● Career Law Enforcement Officer, serving at command level

● Worked with youth mental health and developmental disabled children

● Youth football coach

● Advocate against Elder Abuse

● Father, Brother and Friend


We have a government that was built to be governed by ordinary people, however for many that opportunity is never realized.  Many politicians have forgotten this, they instead look at Government, and elected positions as professions, instead of service to the constituents.   That is not what I believe. I will serve as an ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANT.  You own your vote, and I hope you give me the chance to earn it.


Governing Beliefs

Transparency and Accountability:


● A system of responsibility, ownership, and equal opportunity for all.

● Balanced budgeting and elimination of pork in bills




● Protection for our senior and youth in need, decreasing wait times for benefits and services

● Reducing the homeless issues; support for affordable housing

● Adequate funding for rehabilitation programs for release incarcerated individuals, to help prevent recidivism

● Mental health support


Economic Development and Transportation:


● Economic growth, working towards decreasing the economic wage gap of people of color

● Small business development, support; to include grants to help fund start up business

● Support for bringing higher paying jobs to Western Maryland

● Community development and revitalization; expansion of the transportation system, including MARC Train service to Western Maryland and infrastructure improvements



● Fully funding of our education system, our students, and our teacher

   have to be a priority

● Expansion of technical schools for students


Public Safety/ Unions:


● Strong supporter of public safety; ensuring adequate funding for our public safety personnel

● Protection and accountability for our State and local pension and retirement systems. Protections of private employees retirement systems.

● Strong support for collective bargaining and unions.  

Contact / Volunteer

Shawn for State Senate

P.O. Box 474 Maugansville, MD 21767

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